5 tips every Wedding Photographer must know.

Posted on 15 April 2015


Arrange a meeting & spend at least half an hour talking with your clients beforehand, a good plan for the day is crucial. Don’t forget to have a backup plan if the wedding will be shot outdoors – you never know what Mother Nature will unleash!


On the day, take your clients to the planned location – make sure there is good lighting and a nice background setting.  Just step back let everything go with the flow; the best moments are captured in its most natural form.


Try to use natural lighting as much as possible, look for windows, reflected light – use a light coloured wall to assist with bouncing natural light around the subjects. You can create dramatic effects with the use of natural shadow and light.


Find a nice foreground for your photo, it can be glass, some flowers, leafs or even people. This enables you to create an atmosphere and set the scene. By using foreground, you can block out unnecessary noise.


It is ideal to shoot with 2 cameras on the day. Mount a different lens on each, you won’t have much time to change lenses, as the moments will happen randomly – be prepared to capture that perfect shot.


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