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Using Professional Studio lighting For Flower Photography

Published 2nd August 2012

There are many factors that play a role in taking the right flower portrait. You will need to consider the type of flower, the character that makes up the flower and the angle of the existing light. What does all of these factors mean? Let’s find out.

The type of flower is important because each one features different shades of colors that you hope to capture. Red roses look better when taking in the morning light when the dew can be detected on the picture. A white rose looks more alive in the afternoon when the shade is behind the big tree casting a shadow on it so it can have relief from the sun. Baby’s breath is beautiful and is used in so many bouquets of flowers and yet there is only a certain time that you can capture its true beauty.

The bright sunlight can be difficult on a flower and it can be harsh on your photograph. The harsh sun can decrease the natural beauty in the flower that you are taking a picture of. You need to have professional studio lighting that will allow you to capture the true beauty of your picture. You may need to create a box that will help to focus the lighting correctly.

Built in flash is important and is sometimes needed but don’t over use the flash. Only use it when you know the lighting conditions are too poor to capture the natural beauty of the flower. You can somewhat disperse the natural lighting by using professional studio lighting.

When taking a picture of a flower, it is important to observe the flower during the day to determine when the sun highlights it the most and when to avoid taking the picture. Flower photography is a great hobby and a great way to decorate your interior walls too.

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