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Top 6 Videography and Photography Lighting Kits

Last Updated 18th February 2016

The New Year means new projects, new projects means new equipment, and the team at Hypop have got you covered. Check out our top 6 videography and photography lighting kits to help you achieve that perfect shot.


Kit 1 – Hypop Complete make up and beauty studio LED Diva ring light photo & video lighting kit.


This kit is popular for makeup and beauty photography and filming. It features our large 50cm Spectrum Aurora ring light and 2 x Aputure 528 lighting panels. This offers a 3 point lighting system, which offers even illumination.


Kit 2 – Hypop green screen studio lighting kit.

Everything you need for your professional chroma key needs. It features 2 x Jinbei EF200 V heads, 2 x (60cm x 90cm) Godox soft boxes. 2 x 2.8 metre light stands, 1 x heavy duty backdrop stand & your choice of 1 x (3m x 6m) chroma key cotton backdrop muslin or 1 x (2.7m x 10m) chroma key paper roll backdrop.


Kit 3 – Jinbei EF200 V 200W continuous LED softball portrait flash lighting kit.

This kit features 1 x Jinbei EF200 V, 1 x 50cm softball and 1 x 2.8 metre light stand. It emulates natural light at any time of the day. Ideal for low light situations where there isn’t much natural light available. Commonly used by newborn & children photographers, it gives off a beautiful soft effect – unlike flash which can startle or disorientate. This offers a relaxed atmosphere where you can easily achieve a natural look.


Kit 4 – Hypop professional product photography table LED lighting kit (100cm x 200cm).

This kit is the complete set up for achieving professional product shots. With 1 x Large 100cm x 200cm photo table, 2 x Aputure 528W (wide angle) LED lighting panels, 2 x Aputure AL-160 LED lighting panels (under table lights) & 2 adjustable lighting stands, high quality product photos are just a click away.


Kit 5 – Hypop triple rectangle softbox boom arm 3 point lighting kit.

The perfect triple lighting package which is budget friendly. Ideally suited for taking product catalogue, glamour, model photos and videos, the triple kit features a boom arm which is perfect for hairline lighting. Our soft boxes measure 50cm x 70cm and have a collapsible design for easy storage and transport. This particular kit assists in preventing spots and glare on photos or videos.


Kit 6 – Hypop Fashion lookbook photography lighting kit.

Achieve professional fashion photos. The Hypop fashion lookbook lighting kit is perfect for all your lookbook needs, produce editorial quality images with the help of this kit. This kit features a pair of Godox 400W strobe lights, a heavy duty backdrop stand paired with a paper roll of your choice, two huge 1.2 Godox octagonal softboxes & background pegs. Showcase your collection with ease.


For more information on any of our lighting kits visit us at or contact us on 1300 449 767.


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