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Tips to Improve Baby Photography

Last Updated 2nd August 2012

They are cute and you want to take their picture but you don’t feel like going to a department store and standing in line for hours only to have them try and push packages on you that you would love to have but can’t afford. Baby photography at home can be just as effective. You can take the pictures with a basic 5MP camera but what really makes the difference is professional studio lighting.

With each snap of the button, you are capturing a rare moment in time that you will not get back. Each click means that an image of your child is captured forever. Because of this precious moment, you want to make each snap of the button count. The first thing you want to get right is the focus. When you focus in on your child’s face, you will need to stand back at a distance and then zoom in. Don’t stand close to your child and zoom as this will cause blurring.

How baby is dressed is another factor. You want to capture moments of happiness that your child indulges in. These moments usually make the best portraits or pictures to put on cards to share. First dress the baby in neutral colours. This tends to bring out skin tone and hair colour which is the natural areas of the child. The clothing will add colour so find a balance between it all. You want to compare the colour you put on your child with the background.

The background is the next important factor. The background doesn’t need to be colourful if your child is. You can use neutral colours or you can use solid primary colours that will go well with the colours you are dressing baby up in. If you are using a natural background such as the beach or woods, you need to make sure that you have all the colours blending together in harmony.

Professional studio lighting can be achieved anywhere you want to take a picture. You can adjust the lighting anytime during the day and your picture will look professional every time.


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