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Speedlites vs Studio Strobes

Last Updated 27th May 2014

Here at Hypop, we get numerous questions about our equipment. One of the most commonly asked is the difference between speedlites & studio strobe lighting. So we’ve come up with a simple table to show you!





  • Speedlites give you convenience as they are small, lightweight & extremely portable. Perfect for carrying around in your camera bag.


  • No need for messy cables – wireless setting.


  • Price – you will find that speedlites are much cheaper in comparison with studio strobes.


  • Ideal for location shoots.


  • Can be mounted directly onto your camera’s hot shoe or a stand.


  • Its size & portability make it very easy to place them wherever you would like – amazing flexibility with lighting.


  • Battery powered – you don’t need to keep an eye out for a power point, another tick for portability.



  • Studio strobes are much more powerful than speedlites – resulting in more light.


  • Studio strobes have the automatic feature of attaching softboxes – no need to worry about adapters.


  • Recycle time is much quicker as it is plugged into a wall power source.


  • Accessories are readily available e.g barn doors & reflectors.


  • Modeling lights are built into studio strobes, these help with auto focus & give you a preview of how your shadows are going to fall on the subject.


  • No need for batteries, you’ll never have to worry about the power wearing down the flash.






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