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Sokani X21: A Powerful, Small LED Video Light

Last Updated 2nd October 2018

Perfectly pocket-sized and pretty powerful – that’s what you’ll get with the Sokani X21 Small LED video light. From our review, the Sokani X21 ticks a lot of boxes for features you may look for in compact, portable LED lights.

We’ve literally unpacked the box and carry case of this easy-to-use LED light. Read on for a breakdown of what this light has to offer.

What’s in the Box?

Inside the outer boxed packaging for this product you will find:

  • A carry pouch pre-packed with the LED light and accessories
  • 12 additional coloured gel filters
  • A screw thread adapter
  • The product manual

Key Features of the Carry Case

The padded carry case is double-zippered with two separate compartments. One compartment holds the LED light. The other compartment holds two diffusers, the charging cable, and a shoe mount.  The case has a carabiner clip on the back for you to secure it to another bag, your belt, or other items.

LED Light Specifications

Hand holding the Sokani X21 Small LED Video Light


The Sokani X21 Small LED video light contains 21 high-efficiency bulbs. The bulbs have luminous ratings of 200 lux at 1.0 meter, 1000 lux at 0.5 metres, and 2400 lux at 0.3 metres. The beam angle is a wide 120°. The colour temperature is 5600K (± 100K). The colour rendering index is high - Ra≥97 and TLCL≥97.

In terms of size, the Sokani X21 LED light is compact and lightweight. It measures about the same size as a credit card, so it will fit into the palm of your hand, and your pocket. It is also thinner than similar-sized, portable LED lights on the market and weighs just 100 grams.

The materials used for the metal casing are lightweight aluminium. The properties of aluminium offer the advantage of durability, strength and heat dissipation properties. In comparison, similar products are often in casings manufactured from various plastics.

The three controls on the light are simple and easy to use. On the side, there’s an on/off button to control the power. To switch the light on and off this button just needs to be held and pressed for a couple of seconds. The other two buttons are the plus and minus buttons for making changes to the intensity levels or brightness of the light.

The OLED screen on the back of the light is clear and has a two icon display which is easy to see. One icon is a battery indicator to show your battery level remaining or charge status while you are recharging the battery. The other icon shows the light’s brightness level or intensity.

The brightness of the light can be adjusted in two ways. You can fine tune in single increments from 1% to 100%, or in units of 10 to get the intensity you want in your lighting effects. Any adjustments to the brightness intensity are easily made via the plus/minus button on the side of the light.

The Sokani X21 LED video light is powered by a built-in 1600mAh rechargeable lithium battery.

The Accessories with this LED Light

The other accessories that come with the Sokani X21 LED light include:


Hand holding two coloured gel filters for the Sokani X21 Small LED Video Light

You can get creative with the colour temperature of this light in a few ways. Included with the light are two magnetic 3200K soft diffusers in orange and white, along with 12 additional coloured gel filters. The 3200K diffusers are magnetic and can be used individually or together. The 12 coloured transparent filters are easy to mount. You can also use these individually or combined to cast different lighting effects.

USB Cable

The USB charging cable supplied can be used with a standard electric charger (maximum 6W) that you might already use for your mobile phone. The USB cable can also be connected to an external battery pack for recharging the unit.


The screw adaptor gives you the flexibility to mount the light onto your other equipment. The threaded screw fitting and hot shoe mount include a ball head adapter that you can adjust up to 360° to the lighting angle needed.

Uses for the Sokani X21 Small LED Video Light

Sokani X21 Small LED Video Light with orange filter attached


We think the Sokani X21 has multiple potential uses, and as such is great value for money. This is a great LED light to include in your kit, whether you’re a photographer, videographer or filmmaker. Why?

The light has easy-to-use features, and it’s portable. This small LED video light is also very versatile. You can not only use it in different situations, but you can also use it in combination with various other types of equipment and gear. Some of these uses include:

Simple Run and Gun Setups

The X21 is so portable and simple to use. This means it is quick to get set up when you want to get some extra light on your subject fast. As a pocket-sized LED video light, this could also be an ideal LED video light for wedding photography. That’s if you have it tucked in your pocket to light up those special moments!

LED Continuous Video Lighting

Making a video or vlogging? The Sokani X21 can be used as a LED video light to provide the continuous lighting effect you want. The specifications of this light lend themselves to being ideal in small studios, or for home and hobby use.

Key Lighting

Doing portrait photography or a product shoot? You’ll want to highlight your subject or object to make them the focus of the shoot. The luminous rating, colour rendering and beam angles make the X21 great for this purpose.

Fill Lighting

Are you working in an environment where you need to supplement other forms of lighting or low-light? Or perhaps fill shadows or add other background lighting effects? The diffusers and filters with the X21 can be used to give the additional light you need.

Equipment Compatibility 

Sokani X21 Small LED Video Light on Gorillapod

The X21 has a universal adapter and shoe mount. This means you can use it on top of a camera, fit it to a lighting stand, or as an attachment with a gimbal fitting. You can also attach the Sokan X21 LED light to many types of selfie sticks.

Our Thoughts on The X21

All in all, we were impressed by the adaptability and usability of the X21. That this little light fits snugly in our pockets and still gives great results impressed us even more.

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