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Jinbei EF 200 continuous LED softball portrait lighting kit review.

Last Updated 4th June 2015

Today I take a hands on look at the Jinbei EF 200 continuous LED softball portrait flash lighting kit. This kit can be used for a variety of different shooting purposes, most commonly for portraiture as it emulates a beautiful balanced natural light. This is perfect for low light situations where you can control the output. This Jinbei kit is the ideal continuous lighting solution for newborn & child photography as it gives off a beautiful soft effect. Unlike flash which can startle or disorientate, it offers a relaxed atmosphere where you can easily achieve that natural look

The kit features the Jinbei EF 200 LED light, the 50cm softball & a heavy duty 2.4 metre light stand. The EF 200 has a solid build similar to a monoblock system – with an aluminium chassis, as soon as it’s unboxed, you can really feel its excellent build quality

The EF 200 boasts an impressive 200 watts of power output. The high powered light source emits 5600K of light, equivalent to approx. 2000W of tungsten light.  If you do the maths, you’ll get about 100000 hours of light – Jinbei claim that you can leave it on continuously for about 11 years, how impressive is that? We’ll let you know in about 10 & a half years’ time!  Another great thing about the Jinbei is its environmentally friendly footprint.  When you turn it on & attach the softball, you immediately see the robust spread of light, you literally fill an entire space. This spherical ball is magical!

If you take a closer look at the head, you will see that it has a Bowens S type, 3 point mounting system. This allows you to use a large variety of light modifiers including softboxes, reflectors, beauty dishes, softballs, grids & so much more. There is also a handy umbrella mount, great if you want to switch up between ball and umbrella diffusing system.

Controlled from the back panel, it features a user friendly interface; this makes operation easy and efficient. 10 levels of light from its lowest to brightest setting, you’ll find adjusting the output a breeze – literally a press of a button. If you come around the back, you will notice a small flap near the power source, this houses a spare fuse. This is handy in case of any power outages.

You can also pair this particular head with a TRS 2.4GHh remote trigger. This allows you to have 16 independent channels on a 2.4Ghz frequency. The remote enables you to operate the light at a distance of about 80 metres – so I’d personally want the remote, as it is very handy.

As well as this portrait kit, you can also find the newborn & child kit for purchase – it includes everything mentioned as well as a heavy duty backdrop stand & your choice of muslin background. We tend to find that muslins are a much better option, as you can select from our mottled/cloud series, which is perfect for lovely soft neutral background effects.

All in all, this kit is a winner! It packs a punch in the high powered department, without compromising on output quality. You’ll notice this as soon as you take your very first picture. For more information on this kit or any of the components in it, get in touch – we’re always more than happy to help.

** behind the scenes photograph supplied by Ali Russell – Live, Laugh & Love Photography **

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