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Is Documentary Photography for You?

Last Updated 2nd August 2012

documentary style photography

Every photographer, amateur or professional, has their own style and ability; that is what makes them unique. If everyone took the same photographs the same way there would never be a variety to choose from. One type of photography goes hand in hand with documentary. This type of photography can tell a story, can preserve moments in time, and can give a true view of what is really going on in any given situation. 

Documentary photography is just as popular as artistic photography but they are two totally opposite forms. Both are creative and colorful but documentary is about telling facts; artistic photography can be about facts, dreams, thoughts, or visions. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about a story.

Documentary photography can be done with professional studio lighting or it can be taken with natural lights. It depends on where you are at the moment and what your true vision of the photograph will be. You don’t know until you snap the picture if it is truly what you want to show off or if it is something that only you can understand.

Documentary photography can be very shocking when the audience views it. It can be about facts that no one else has the opportunity to see what you are seeing at that very moment.
If you plan to take documentary pictures you may want to consider carrying around your professional equipment because you never know when a moment is going to happen. Professional equipment includes professional studio lighting and a few simple back drops that can be set up with ease.

Tell the story, bring the world to your viewers, be there when no one else can and documentary photography will be the voice and words for someone who may not see what you want to see. Bring the world to someone’s eyes and show them what you see and witness first hand.

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