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The Aputure 4 x AL-528 LED Video Continuous Portable Lighting Kit with Boom

Last Updated 20th May 2014

This kit come with the most advanced Aputure 528 LED lighting panels, light stands and a boom arm. The default kit is based on 4x Aputure AL-528W LED (Wide Angle) panels, which provides a strong, adjustable and portable lighting solution for photo or video studio shooting. The boom arm set can easily be dismantled and used as a handheld boom arm set, suitable for outdoor shooting with an assistant or can also be mounted onto a stand. 

Customers are welcomed to choose from 3 different LED panels (528W, 528C and 528S)  to customize their own lighting solution.

528W (wide angle)
528S (spot light)
528C (colour temperature adjustable – an additional $20 per LED)

About Video Flicker:

This LED light has been tested by
Camera: Canon 5D mark II
LED: Aputure AL-528 series
Power Input: AC Connection
Shutter speed: Up to 1/8000s

Conclusion: No flicker

Kit Includes:

  • 4x Aputure AL-528 LED Continuous Lights (Lighting Configuration can be selected with Colour Temperature an additional $20 per light)
  • 3x 1.8m Light stand, 1x 2.4m Air Cushioned Light Stands
  • 1x Magic Boom Arm with Sandbag
  • Large Travel Bag an additional $119.99 (Single waterproof travel bags for each individual LED provided if large travel bag not selected)
Batteries not included. Sony NP-F Series Batteries supported.


Welcome Discount of 5%