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Hypop Verdict – S-Mount Review

Last Updated 15th April 2015

Today I review one of the best off camera flash solutions – The Hypop Strobist S-Mount Off Camera Flash Speedlite modifier kit.

The flash (speedlite, speedgun) is the most common form of lighting used in photography. Instead of firing directly on top of the camera via the hot shoe – professional photographers usually remove the flash & fully control the lighting externally.

However, once you remove the flash from your camera, you will need a device to connect it to a light stand. As you know, the light from the direct flash is harsh – you may need to add different modifiers to change the light. This is where the S-mount comes in. It allows you to attach a variety of different modifiers; this includes soft boxes, beauty dishes & even umbrellas. This is perfect for portability – literally bring it anywhere, an absolute necessity for location shooting.

With a solid build & smart design, the S-mount is compatible with any speedlite flash, it has an adjustable bracket (you can chose between either Bowens or Elinchrom), which allows it to be held in place. Another handy feature is that is extremely user friendly, you can install & uninstall your equipment within seconds.

The S-mount is not limited to just 1 flash, if you feel as though you need more output – all you have the do is attach a multiple flash bracket mount, this allows you to connect up to 4 additional flashes as one unit. That’s a lot of portable power!

For a user friendly, solid & versatile portable flash lighting solution that allows you to mount a wide variety of modifiers – the S-mount is the perfect piece of gear for you. I never leave for a shoot without it.

For more information of the S-mount, visit the following  website. 

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