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Hypop Snapchat – An interview with Ray Ranoa. Fashion photographer & creative director.

Last Updated 21st May 2015

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Ray Ranoa, fashion photographer & creative director. Here’s what he had to say about his craft.

What was your very first camera?

Instax film camera. It was given as a gift.

How’d you get into photography?

I’ve always had a creative background and acute sense of what is aesthetically pleasing to me. At a young age I was illustrating and through observation I would draw what was right in front of me. I then embarked on my pursuit of all things creative – photography just happened to be another facet. I remember in early high school – I was drawn to the dark room, developing film, getting to know the process. Photography in essence to me is framing and composition, awareness visually.

Why fashion photography?

Before fashion photography I was photographing objects and people. My main driver was design and aesthetics, because of my experience studying fashion design, graphic design and magazine publications I had a real commercial sense. Through art direction in magazines where you cross paths with the in-house photographer while directing a shoot.

Everything from talent to props to product for layout for magazines. The entire process from start to finish. Conceptually right through to completion. In a sense really getting to know how the creative process converts commercially.

What’s the barriers part of being a fashion photographer?

Definitely co-ordinating the shoot, making sure that everyone is on schedule and communicating the brief to all the parties including Stylists, H&MUA, models who all come together at one point to shoot and make some magic. Generally this is fairly organic

Getting into fashion photography

Piece of advice – invest time in the development of your ideas. Developing your own aesthetic and style, this includes getting to know it. Also gauge what you like to shoot and what you don’t like – what really drives you. Desire to create comes from the sense of purpose and joy. Work with like minds, initiate projects which then generates further opportunities.

Besides your camera, what is your most important piece of equipment in your kit?

The step ladder – this allows you to get the right angles and frame shots in a different way, a different perspective.

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