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Hypop Snapchat – An interview with Jeff Sun. Wedding photographer & Owner of Splendid.

Last Updated 23rd April 2015

We were given the pleasure of sitting down with Jeff Sun, the owner and founder of Splendid Photo & Videos. With 6 years of professional experience and over 1000 weddings shot under his belt, we were given insights into the world of wedding photography.  Hear what he had to say, in our very first Hypop Snapchat.

1. What was your very first camera? 

My very first camera was the Canon 5D Mark II

2. Did you do any other kind of photography before? What made you decide to become a wedding photographer?

I did some landscape and street photography as a hobby before becoming a wedding photographer. I’ve been shooting weddings for almost 6 years now. I was influenced by the wedding photographer who shot my wedding! I don’t remember his name – but he was an amazing photographer, I still love my wedding photos. The year after I got married, I saw a wedding photographer’s assistant job position in the newspaper. I decided to give it a try & the rest is history.

I just love this job because it gives me so many opportunities to capture and enjoy beautiful moments. I also love that my hobby has turned into a profession, which is really awesome.

 3. What’s the most difficult part of shooting a wedding?

I can’t say which specific part of shooting a wedding is difficult – because each wedding is different. The shoot becomes more difficult if the photographer doesn’t understand the wedding. If you try to use same ’formula’ for each wedding, then it will be very difficult for the photographer to capture the beautiful moments.

 4. What advice would you give anyone looking at getting into wedding photography?

The first thing is passion. You need to make sure that you love this job. Also, you need to be a responsible person. Be prepared, you can find a lot of learning tips on Google. So, in saying that, I learn from some great wedding photographers. Lastly, make sure you do lots of practise, such as following and assisting other weddings photographer on the day. Please DO NOT shoot a wedding if you don’t have any knowledge or prior experience.

 5. Besides your camera, what is your most important piece of equipment in your kit?

The 24-70mm zoom lens. If I need to pick only one lens for a wedding, I’d go for this focal range.

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