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How to take Beginner Wedding Photos with Professional Studio Lighting

Last Updated 2nd August 2012


People may view you as the one who always takes great pictures. If someone is saving money while planning their wedding, they may ask you to take professional looking photos for them. Most of the time, its hard to say no when someone asks you to. So, if you take on the job as photographer at a wedding, you still have time to sharpen up on your shooting skills and prepare for the best wedding photos you can create.

church wedding photography lighting tips

The first thing you need to do is invest in professional studio lighting. This lighting can be as small or as large as you can afford. If you are working on a budget, choose a smaller lighting package that gives you lighting and one or two backgrounds to choose from. Set this up somewhere at the wedding that is out of the way of traffic but can easily be accessed with the bride and her long dress.

Pointing the camera and clicking the button will work if you are outside taking landscaping pictures but it won’t work for real life - real-time pictures. You need to be able to focus the lens correctly, take your time to aim the camera and shoot the picture only after everything is set. You will need to purchase a tripod to hold your camera steady while shooting the pictures.

Most digital cameras now offer black and white pictures as well as sepia to choose from. Black and white pictures look very professional as long as you have the right lighting above.

As you take beginner wedding photos, you need to take your time with every pose. If the lighting doesn’t look right the picture probably won’t turn out right either. Patience will be your most popular factor. Have yourself a few business cards printed up in case someone asks you to take wedding photos for their wedding in the future. It may just spark a new career for you.

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