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How to take Beginner Real Estate Photos

Last Updated 2nd August 2012

If you are a real estate agent and need to move some property soon, you may want to try a new approach to selling. There are many ways that a simple digital camera can promote each piece of property and make viewers want it. Taking landscape pictures can be tricky because you must have the right lighting for the right picture. If the skies are overcast, this may or may not be good. You don’t always need special lighting effects but you may want to invest in some professional studio lighting for indoor pictures of the homes. Here are a few more suggestions.


Finding the best Image
You must look around the room and narrow the image down to a 3×5 picture. To make the most of this small window of opportunity you need to find something in the room or the landscape that stands out and will highlight the house. In each room you will need to capture the best image. Take your two thumbs and place them together. The other fingers will stand upward. Look through this window in between your fingers as though it is your window of opportunity. Once you find something that stands out for you then snap the picture and move on to the next room.


Lighting is everything
No matter how great your image is it won’t look good if you don’t have the right lighting. In order to obtain the right lighting you will need professional studio lighting. You will also need to use the lighting that is already in the room however it is important that you use studio lighting to help capture the true beauty of the area in the room that you want to show off.

Once you have snapped all the pictures you can place them on the internet to sell. Be sure to list your name and contact information on all the pictures you enter online. If you are building a website, put your name and contact information as well as a direct link to some of the best locations you have in the signature of your email. Word does get around quickly when you use the right tools to promote it.

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