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How to Store Your Digital Photos

Last Updated 2nd August 2012

best method for storing digital photos

It used to be, once you filled up the film cartridge you would need to go to a photo shop to have them developed. You also had to date the pictures on the back in order to know when they were taken. This took a long time and you had to wait for your pictures to come in before you can show them off and brag about them. Today, developing pictures is as simple as 1-2-3. Today, storing digital pictures has many options so your pictures will last so much longer.

Memories buried within a box in order to preserve them will not help and the old way of doing things is gone for a reason. Today, if you need a picture, click the button and print. If you need more, simply click and print. It took a while before photographers felt comfortable using the newer version of taking pictures but once they learned it became a great invention.
Along with the freedom that comes with digital photography come the many different supplies that were not available with the older style way of doing photography. Professional studio lighting, portable back grounds, and more. These photography supplies are perfect for a studio or on the go.

To store your digital photography you will need to upload them to your computer first. Saving the pictures on the computer will require some simple software that usually comes with your camera. Next you transfer your pictures over to your computer and now your possibilities are endless. If you move around a lot or work off of more than one computer then you will need to save your photos on a portable USB drive. You can plug this drive into any computer to show your pictures off, you can go to any photo center and plug in your portable USB drive in order to get prints. You can scan your prints onto a DVD so you can send them to someone you love or if you took photos of a game or event you can sell the DVD in order to share your talent with others who did not get to capture the moment.

Last but not least, print off the photos and create a photo book for everyone to see. Use them to show off your talents and get future bookings.

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