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Posted on 02 July 2018

The method to quickly connect X1 with TT685 and V860II.

  • Restore transmitter and flash to factory setting(for X1T transmitter, press mode button on and turn it on; for flash, press the two RST button to restore factory setting).
  • For transmitter, the CH1 and ABC group will be TTL mode by

After restoring flash’s factory setting, press Z-type button(the button on the top right corner of ON/OFF button) for four times to enter the flash’s slave mode, thus setting 2.4G wireless radio receiving mode. When being set to slave mode, the flash’s CH1 and A group is set by default(be triggered at the same channel or remote control power and triggering at the same channel and group. Set frequency and group on the flash by oneself, which just need to adjust them to the same channel and set the corresponding group’s power. ).

  • Press the Test button on transmitter to
  • Some cannot be triggered. Please adjust the distance between the flash trigger and the flash over 1m, or open the flash trigger’s close-distance mode(please refer to the close-distance mode).


The Reason & Solution of Not Triggering in Godox 2.4G Wireless

  1. Disturbed by the 2.4G signal in outer environment (e.g. wireless base station, 2.4G wifi router, Bluetooth, )

To adjust the channel CH setting on the flash trigger (add 10+ channels) and use the channel which is not disturbed. Or turn off the other 2.4G equipment in working.

  1. Please make sure that whether the flash has finished its recycle or caught up with the continuous shooting speed or not(the flash ready indicator is lighten) and the flash is not under the state of over-heat protection or other abnormal situation.

Please downgrade the flash power output. If the flash is in TTL mode, please try to change it to M mode(a preflash is needed in TTL mode).

  1. Whether the distance between the flash trigger and the flash is too close(<5m) or not

Please turn on the “close distance wireless mode” on the flash trigger:

X1 series: press the test button and hold on, then turning it on until the flash ready indicator blinks for 2 times.

XPro series: Set the C.Fn-DIST to 0-30m.

  1. Whether the flash trigger and the receiver end equipment are in the low battery states or not

Please replace the battery (the flash trigger is recommended to use 1.5V disposable alkaline battery).


How To Check the Firmware Version of Godox Product?

X1 Transmitter — Press the MODE button and hold down. Turn on the transmitter to check the version.

X1 Receiver — Press the GR button and hold down. Turn on the transmitter to check the version.

XPro — Press the MENU button to enter C.Fn custom setting, and the firmware version will be displayed on the top right corner.

TT350 — Press the MODE button and turn it on to check the firmware version and restore factory setting.

TT685/V860II/AD360II — Long press the Zm/C.Fn button on the bottom left button of the LCD panel.

AD200 — Press the MODE button and power it on to check the version.

AD600 — Press the MENU button to enter C.Fn custom setting, and the firmware version will be displayed on the top right corner.

AD600Pro — Press the MENU button to enter C.Fn custom setting, and the firmware version will be displayed on the top right corner.


How to Restore Factory Setting?

X1 Transmitter — Press the CH button and hold down. Then, power it on to reset.

XPro — Simultaneously press the two RST button.

TT350 — Press the MODE button and turn it on to check the firmware version and restore factory setting.

TT685/V860II/AD360II/AD200 — Simultaneously press the two RST button.

AD600 — Press the MENU button to enter C.Fn custom setting and choose YES in RESET column.

AD600Pro — Press the MENU button to enter C.Fn custom setting and choose YES in RESET column.

SKII/DPII — Press the SET button and power it on to reset.


Instruction Manual for Godox Firmware Update Software

  1. Download the Godox G1or G2 application from the official website and complete the installation according to the
  2. Please download the relevant product firmware (suffix .fri use G1 while suffix .dfu use G2) on the official website godox.com.
  3. Then, click the “Select File” in G1 or G2 software to open the document.
  4. Connect the product with computer(use the relevant Micro-USB or Type-C USB connection line).
  5. For G1 software, please click “Connect” (If unconnected, please check whether the connection line can read data or is rightly connected. If not, change another connection line or USB data interface, or change another computer to try again.). For G2 software, which often get automatically connected(any connection problem, please refer to G1’s solution).
  6. Choose “update” to

Note: If successfully updating the other Godox product before while getting failure in the current product, please try to cancel the system’s digital certificate and update again.


How to Set APP Mode on X1?

Long press the CH button on the transmitter to enter C.Fn custom setting(please refer to official site’s relevant instruction manual to see other functions)

X1T-C (set C.Fn-09 to on)

X1T-N (set C.Fn-10 to on)

X1T-S (set C.Fn-09 to on)

X1T-F (set C.Fn-10 to on)       

X1T-O (set C.Fn-09 to on)


How to Set X1’s Wireless ID?

Long press the CH button on the transmitter for 3 seconds to enter C.Fn custom setting.

X1T-C Fn-10 Press GR button to choose wireless ID, turn the select dial to set X1T-N Fn-11 Press GR button to choose wireless ID, turn the select dial to set X1T-S Fn-11 Press GR button to choose wireless ID, turn the select dial to set X1T-F Fn-12 Press GR button to choose wireless ID, turn the select dial to set X1T-O Fn-10 Press GR button to choose wireless ID, turn the select dial to set

X1R-C/X1R-N/X1R-S Simultaneously press CH and CR and hold down. Then  power it on and enter RF ID setting interface. Short or long press CH button to increase ID value while short or long press GR button to decrease ID value. Power the receiver off in 5s, and the ID value is set and reserved. When power it on again, ID value will affect the RF receive, namely, the wireless ID is working.


Q: Solutions of displayed error code on flash?

A: If he problem that cannot be solved by restarting or shutdown for cooling, set the product back to factory for maintenance.

If E5 code is displayed — it’s the fault of IGBT module which should be changed


Q:How to solve the problem that the shutter of Godox flash trigger or camera flash become slowly when attaching to camera?

A:Make the camera restore factory setting and try Godox product again.


Q: How about the rear curtain sync problem of X1 flash trigger?

A: For X1C (Canon version), set it to rear curtain sync on the transmitter. As the effective shutter range of rear curtain sync is 30-1/30s, the setting is ineffective when the shutter is set to Bulb or faster than 1/30s.

For X1N(Nikon version), X1T-S(Sony version), X1T-F(FUJIFILM version) and X1T-O(Olympus/Panasonic version), there is no need to set on the transmitter because the rear curtain sync is fully controlled by camera. For more setting details please refer to the camera’s instruction manual.

For XproC, the rear curtain sync can be switched until the Function Button 2 is displayed as SYNC.

For XProN, XProS, XProF and XProO, the rear curtain sync should be set on camera.

Only Canon needs flash trigger or whose camera flash has rear curtain sync function. Nikon, Sony and other versions should be set rear curtain sync on camera. So as to flashes of those versions, the rear curtain sync depends on the camera’s signal instead of flashes.


Q: How about the triggering problem when using X1 in close distance?

A: Please update to the newest firmware version (X1C: over V15; X1N: over V16; X1S: over V13)

Please add the option of triggering in super close distance: press the TEST button and power it on, releasing until the STATUS indicator blinks for 2 times. Then, enter the option and the wireless remote control distance is 0 to 30m.

For XPro, please press the MENU button to enter C.Fn custom setting to choose DIST.


Q: Does X1 flash trigger will do disordered triggering occasionally?

A: If use TTL mode to trigger flash, the disordered triggering occurs is mainly because the wrong pre-flash output or no pre-flash(not triggering). Please check with the solution of not triggering.


Q: What about the out of focus problem when using the AF-assist beam on X1N transmitter?

A: For some unknown reason, out of focus will occurs when Nikon camera using flash’s AF-assist beam of other brands. The solution is using the AF-assist beam of camera itself. It’s not enough to turn off the AF-assist beam on the transmitter, which shall be disabled on the C.Fn custom setting (set C.Fn-06 to 0). Then, turn on the camera’s AF-assist beam function(set a7(built-in AF-assist illuminator) to ON on camera’s custom menu).


Q: The mode or output value cannot be changed when using X1N flash trigger with Nikon speedlights while it’s available for Canon speedlites with X1C flash trigger?

A:It’s because that Nikon camera do not send mode or output value instructions through camera’s hotshoe, so the speedlight cannot be set by camera. The present solution is using flash’s i-TTL mode to simulate other modes and output. To get normal operation, the flash installed on the flash trigger must be set to i-TTL. On the contrary, as Canon camera can set flash’s mode and output through camera’s hotshoe, so X1C flash trigger can accurately set flash’s mode and output value.


Q: When using X1, Xpro’s continuous shooting speed will become slow?

A: Please set the unused group to OFF while switching the used group to M node. As setting to TTL mode needs time to do pre-flash, so the speed of continuous shooting will become slow.


Q: When Canon users use X1’s high-speed function, once press the shutter, and the shutter speed back to non-high-speed?

A: It’s because of poor contact. Please do as follows:

  1. Turn off—clean the contacts—reinstall the
  2. Update the product to the newest firmware
  3. Send the product back to factory for


Q: Why the flash’s high-speed sync function and camera’s continuous shooting cannot be used together?

A: As in high-speed sync, stroboscopic flash consumes more power than the normal single firing, so the flash recycle will become slower and have more missing triggering.


Q: X1T Transmitter always getting into sleep mode. Is there any fine solution to avoid this problem?

A: As the transmitter will be waked by half-press the shutter when being attached to the camera, so there is no need to set non-sleep mode. It is worth mentioning at this point that the flash trigger won’t enter sleep mode when being set to single-contact mode, for the single-contact mode is usually used with the PC socket to connect camera’s sync cord jack when the flash trigger is not matched with camera’s hotshoe.


    Q: Why do the AF-assist light of X1T-S, XProS, TT685S and V860IIS not work?

    A: The ON/OFF of AF-assist light is controlled by camera’s programme through it’s hotshoe. In Sony series camera, only the DSLR cameras(e.g.a99, a9) can send the focusing signals to the camera flash while Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera(e.g. a7, a9) cannot send those signals before firmware 4.0. So whether the AF-assist light can be used or not depends on the camera’s firmware.

    When the X1T-S updates to the newest firmware and set C.Fn-10 to 01, the AF-assist light of Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera(e.g.a7, a9 whose firmware is over 4.0) can be lighted.


    Q: Why the adjusted flash exposure compensation of TTL on the transmitter won’t be synchronized on the flash?

    A: That is because after the flash exposure compensation set on the transmitter, the flash’s flash exposure compensation will increase or decrease according to the transmitter’s value but not display it. As the flash’s FEC value is in the light of the transmitter, so the flash won’t do FEC output when other flash trigger fires. The flash has it’s own FEC function. When we set FEC on the flash, it will get flash FEC output after by every flash trigger’s firing.


    Q: There are displayed cross striation when using TT685S and V860IIS with Sony camera under 1/2500-1/8000s high-speed sync photography.

    A: Set the electronic front curtain on camera’s setting menu to off (also suit to Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera).


    Q: When Nikon camera user uses Godox X1, the shutter speed cannot exceed camera’s sync speed thus leading to non use of high-speed?

    A: Take Nikon D810 as an example, choose C.Fn custom setting menu>>bracket/firing>>flash sync speed>>1/250s (auto FP) and set to auto FP on the camera to change the shutter speed.


    Q: The camera flash’s focus is always at 14mm and can’t be changed.

    A: This results from the inappropriate operation of wide panel of camera flash. The reason is at the same as the TT350’s unchangeable 12mm focusing problem.


    Q: The camera flash do not change with the camera’s zoom.

    A: Check whether the zoom on the camera flash displays A or M icon. A icon means auto change which will switch with the lens while M icon means manual which will not change the camera’s zoom no matter how lens changed.


    Q: The camera flash do not display zoom, or display several horizontal line(--) or do not change with camera lens.

    A: That’s for the flash head is lifted up or has it’s direction changed, so the camera flash and it’s body lose sensing.


    Q: Why does the camera flash fire multiple times on the TTL mode before normal firing?

    A: As firing in TTL mode has one preflash and one main flash sometimes, so check whether the camera opened the IGBT function is demanded. The flash will get an extra firing except the preflash and main flash on TTL mode if the camera’s IGBT function is worked.


    Q: How to remote start AD600’s modeling lamp?

    A: Double-click X1 transmitter’s CH button(the channels of the transmitter and the flash should be set to the same.).


    Q: AD600’s firmware always cannot be successfully upgraded.

    A: Detach the batter and press the ON/OFF button over 2 seconds to release the power source. Connect the computer and the flash again.


    Q: AD200 display Flash and cannot enter the main interface.

    A: If it is AD-L LED flash head, please update AD200’s firmware for the body cannot identify that flash head.


    Q: The newest second generation flash e.g. SKII and DPII display different power output?

    A: There are two power output display ways for the second generation SKII and DPII, which can be changed to x.x through XT32 and XT16 transmitter. Press SET button to power it on to restore factory setting, thus the power output will be displayed as fractional based.


    Q: How about the high-speed sync problem of QuickerIIM?

    A: Press the mode button on the flash to switch to high-speed sync mode and the minimum output is 1/16.


    Q: As I see there is a function called “Mask Function” on the instruction manual, how can I use it?

    A: In the first place, this function is used for the shooting multiple photos at the same spot, which requires the photographer to remove the base background. The users who have or over two flashes that support mask function can use this function. Namely, use one group flash to shoot the background while the other to shoot the project, set the order of these two flashes and shooting two photos continuously. Therefore, the useless background can be easily selected in the post production.

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