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Getting The Right Light and Colour In Your Photoshoots

Last Updated 2nd August 2012

Light is extremely important in every photograph. Lighting can change the way the image looks and it can be the deciding factor to keep a photo or delete it. If the lighting is not right, it can ruin the entire photo. There are several ways to get the right light and color in your photo shoots and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get it. You also don’t have to spend a lot of time moving your subjects around in order to see the lighting.


Today, you have the option to purchase portable studio lighting that you can take wherever you want to go and it doesn’t weigh a ton. This type of portable lighting will give you the freedom to take pictures wherever you want to, adjust it as necessary, and you don’t have to capture the moment according to the natural sunlight left in the day.

There are other ways to create the right lighting and the sun is one of them. When you take a picture at mid day in the summer, you may see cool vivid colors but without enough tint. If you take that same portrait as the sun is setting you are going to see a lot of the red-orange color that is associated with the setting sun.

Artificial lighting goes hand in hand with photography. This type of lighting can provide a soft warm glow that can provide a different view of your image. So if you are taking a picture at night, you already have the room lights on, you can still set up your own individual professional lighting in the room so you can enhance the look of your subject. Turn the lighting to the left side, right side, directly down, or highlight from the ground – up. There are many angles to light up your portrait. Professional lighting provides a soft even glow instead of a direct light that shines only on a certain area.


Placing your subject in different positions in order to get the lighting is not always easy to do however if you don’t have the right lighting then this is what you have to do. This can take longer to find the right position in order to snap the pictures.


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