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Aputure Lightstorm

Last Updated 20th August 2015

They are finally here! We’re excited to introduce the arrival of the new Aputure Lightstorm LED panels. The Lightstorm offers powerful illumination & a slim design. At a powerful 30300 LUX at 0.5 meters (based on the LS – 1S spotlight model), power is no issue. These panels feature a solid aero aluminium body, which give it a fantastic finish. The body is designed to deliver a balanced performance of heat, density, strength & workability. As per the Aputure promise on quality, each panel has CRI95+ technology ensuring industry leading colour reproduction.

The lightstorm’s unique light control box design removes back panel features and conveniently places it in the controller which helps the low centre of gravity design. It reduces the weight of the panel itself – as you won’t have to mount the battery on the back as seen in previous models.

Dual power solutions let you choose between the Sony V mount or the Anton Bauer battery mount (to be selected upon purchase), making the panel portable for location shooting. The adapter is handy for indoor shooting.

Why not check out the full specifications here:

Model  Lightstorm LS 1c Lightstorm LS 1s
Beam Angle 45° 25°
Color Temperature 3200K-5500K 5500K
Operation Current 8A
Power Supply DC 15V
Power Input 120W
Average Lifespan ≥100,000 hours
Cooling Mode Natural convection heat transfer
Remote Frequency 2.4GHz
Channels 1/2/3
Groups A/B/C/D
Remote Range ≤100m
Size(L*W*H) Light 377.8*320.7*33.2mm
Controller Box(Anton Bauer Battery) 238.0*118.7*48.1mm (*vertical antennas included)
Controller Box(V-Mount) 238.0*118.7*59.6mm (*vertical antennas included)
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